Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Benjamin's spring musical

Last weekend, Silver Sands put on their spring musical. It was written by the 7th and 8th grade musical theater students. We were so impressed - they used Broadway tunes but wrote all the dialogue and wove them together into a story. The students did everything, from stage manager to costumes to crew. The two teachers were there as support, but the students ran everything!!

Benjamin was the only 6th grader in it. Every day at lunch, he goes to the drama class. They needed more boys, and he needed a place to fit in - what a perfect match. This first video was the opening. He's the boy in the middle. Partway through, music starts to play (one of the dangers of middleschoolers running the whole production) but they got through it very well!

This video is the last number they did. It starts with the cast on stage, trying to do a grand finale, but they have no money for it. Benjamin comes in, with a lottery ticket, and solves the problem!

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