Sunday, September 6, 2009

More roof work

The framing crew has been very busy. Yesterday they began putting the roof itself on. They cut the boards into squares and hammered them on. It was a very noisy project and I felt sorry for the neighbors, who were awakened by the pounding at 7AM.

They left it like this, with the board waiting to be cut the next day.

They have also started framing the interior walls. Here you can see the wall dividing the kitchen and living room. The beginning of the kitchen island is also there.

This morning Chris and I had to do a 7 mile run, so we went by the house around 8AM. I was by the garage, peeking in, when the crew showed up! I didn't expect them to be working on a Sunday. One of the men was nice enough to take us upstairs - too bad I didn't have the camera with me! There were no interior walls yet, but you could see the hurricane straps on the roof (very important to us, since our last house had them improperly installed). Downstairs has all of the walls and closets framed. They'll be back again tomorrow. I plan on bringing them some watermelon and rice krispie treats. It is, after all, Labor Day, and they might as well have some picnic food if they have to work!

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