Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interior pictures

Alexander and I drove by today before grocery shopping to take a look (and a few pictures) inside the house. Here is what we saw:

Going upstairs
The garage

Looking toward the front door. Kitchen island in the foreground, kitchen wall behind it

Mom and Dad's room, plus a bunch of closets

This is the entire upstairs, looking huge without walls! The right two windows are in Alexander's room, and the left two are in Jonathan's.

The ceiling/second floor. I was wondering how they made it strong enough for my kids!
Looking out toward the front of our house, this will be the formal dining/living room.

Bathrooms shower, just waiting installation


Boy, do they have lots of tools and hardware.

Alexander on the steps

Roof rafters

Close up of the floor/ceiling

Mom and Dad's shower is partially installed

As is their tub.

Standing in their room, looking out toward the garage

Just a sample of the junk lying around

There's the house!

Garage side

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