Thursday, September 10, 2009

Framing of the second floor...with a mistake!!!

Today we stopped by the house and they were at work framing the upstairs. We peeked in, then returned later in the evening to take pictures.
Standing in Alexander's room, looking through his two closets into Jonathan's room (he has two closets, too.)

Uh-oh. This is the broken truss. They know about it and said they're going to replace it. I'll be watching to make sure they do before they put the ceiling in.

Standing in Benjamin's room, looking into his bathroom, then into Jonathan's room

Standing in Benjamin's room, looking toward the loft through his closet. He only has one closet, but it's bigger than the boys' closets.

He's the mistake - this is the loft to the left. It's supposed to be only a half wall. I told the framer, but he wasn't the foreman. I'll stop by again tomorrow to make sure they fix it. One of the things we like about the loft is its openness.

Standing in the loft, looking toward Benjamin's room

Looking out of the loft window

Standing in the master bedroom. Closets to the right, bathroom to the left.

Standing in the master bedroom again, this time looking toward the hallway and loft on the right

Closet under the stairs

Standing on the back porch, looking through a window into the family room/kitchen

Back porch, plus slabs for our two air conditioning units

This pile seems to grow each day!

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