Friday, July 10, 2009

Home, Sweet Home!

The inside of Duke's chapel

Duke campus

Duke chapel
Ready to go at 6 AM

We made it home last night around 9:30PM. We left Washington at 6AM, not bad for a family of 5. We missed all of the morning rush-hour traffic. We were a bit worried about the traffic around Richmond, but we didn't experience any delays. We took a slight detour to Durham, where we spent an hour walking around Duke University. It's never to early to visit colleges! Then we climbed back in the car for the remaining 10 hours of our trip. The boys were good, as usual. The invention of portable DVD players is a parent's dream. The key is to only use them on long trips. The boys, who are used to very strict limits on their screen time, were excited to watch movies all day.

It's great to be back home. Now we have to tackle all the details surrounding the sale of our house. First and foremost, we're looking for a place to stay temporarily while our house is being built, and we're not having much success. Most rentals want a year committment, and we only need about 3 months. Today we're running errands and making calls - back to the everyday tasks we've neglected in the past 3 weeks. Oh, and we'll be running some laundry, too...

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