Friday, December 5, 2008

A study in birth order psychology....

At the boys' school, they had a "gift fair," where students could buy really cheap (price and quality) gifts for others. I didn't give them any money, but the school gives each child a dollar to spend.
So, that night they came home and told us about it at the dinner table. What they decided to do with their money epitomizes their personalities.
Alexander took the money and used it to buy a gift for Jonathan and a gift for Benjamin. He tried to find the right gift for each of them. He often thinks of others and their feelings.
Jonathan took the money and bought 3 plastic lizards. At the dinner table, he pulled out the package, opened it, and made a big deal about giving one to each boy, including himself. He loves to be the center of attention, doesn't he?

Everyone then turned to Benjamin, who hadn't shared anything about the store. "What did you do with your money," they asked him. Turns out Benjamin used the dollar to buy a "popper" for himself. "I didn't see anything you would like!" he protested. Quite a firstborn.
Now, in his defense, Benjamin has already purchased a Christmas present for Alexander. He about had a fit when I told him he had to use his own money, but he came around and chose a present, using the money he had earned at Grandma's house.
Chris and I had a good laugh over this situation, for we have three children who had three totally different responses. And those birth order books probably could have predicted their purchases.

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Christine said...

That's a riot. I have two of those three kids as well!