Friday, December 26, 2008


Right now I am in Lewisburg, visiting with Cindi and her family. We just returned from a hike in the snow, taking her two dogs for a walk. Tonight it is supposed to sleet, but I'm still holding out, hoping for more snow. The boys tried to sled today, but we really need more snow to be successful.

Yesterday we opened our presents in the morning . I have a video, but can't post it until we return home and I have the correct cords to connect to the video camera. (oops) Bust what struck me most about yesterday was the kids gratefulness. We began by opening the Wii. Somehow we managed to keep it a total surprise, and they were shocked. Benjamin looked at me and said, "a Wii???" He just couldn't believe it. I think he and Alexander thanked me about 20 times yesterday. They were so appreciative to us and everyone else. It is nice to see them enjoying their toys while THANKING others for them.

I'm not sure exactly how we taught them this. Maybe it is partly because we haven't had much for many years and they don't expect much. I just know I was very proud of them. And again this morning, when they thanked us yet again. What great kids.

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