Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ice Skating....in Florida!!!

On Sunday, Alexander, Benjamin, and I went to their friend Lynnlee's birthday party, held at the local ice skating rink. I knew about the place, but had never been there. Well, duh!! What a perfect place to go on a 90 degree day. And, yes, it was over 90 degrees on Sunday.

The first two hours were devoted to skating. Benjamin took off pretty quickly, probably because of his rollerblading this summer. Alexander got off to a shakier start, but after a little while got the hang of it. He had to learn to glide, not run on the ice. I was proud of myself - I didn't fall once. It was a blast. We ended with pizza, cake, the opening of the gifts, and goody bags. The whole way home, Alexander kept saying how much he liked ice skating.

Here are two videos I took (while skating). On the way out, I saw the sign that says cameras are not allowed on the ice. Ooops. These videos are hilarious, although a bit bumpy. I thought I had turned them correctly, but I guess not. So turn your head sideways and enjoy!

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