Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Weekend at Disney

It's Thanksgiving time, and Cindi's family is here visiting. We began our visit at Disney. Today was the last of three days we spent there, with 6 children, 6 adults (nice man-to-man defense), and about 500,000 other people. Seriously, this is the most crowded I've ever seen Disney. Usually we avoid it at times like this, but here we are, at a hotel, recovering after a long day. We had intended to stay for the fireworks, but the kids started breaking down around 7PM, and we decided that two hours was too long to wait. Good choice. We ate dinner at Perkins, and discovered that on Tuesday nights, kids eat free!! Yea!!! Now all three of our children are sleeping and I'm able to catch up on my email from the last 3 days.

An update on the beard...unfortunately, Chris' kids raised more money, and he's in it until at least the first week of December. He doesn't like it - it's itchy - and I don't either. It's getting close to buy out time....

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