Sunday, February 10, 2013


I've made it 10% of the way to my goal! This morning on my long run, I passed the 100 mile mark. Very exciting. Unfortunately, I was running alone, as Chris has an injured knee. He's not sure what exactly is wrong with it, but since we have a half marathon in a week, he's not taking any chances. We started off together, but before we hit one mile he had to turn around. I had brought my headphones just in case. It's much less fun to run long runs by yourself, but I took this opportunity to catch up on my favorite podcasts. I used Stitcher to listen to It's All Politics, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Another Mother Runner. I actually had a good time - I averaged 10:15 miles, which is good for me on a long run. Perfect weather certainly helps, as does the motivation to get home in time to be ready for church.

I only missed two days of excerize this week - Tuesday, which is almost always a rest day, and Saturday, because we had an all day church retreat. That was fine, as I should be "tapering" anyway to prepare for next Sunday's race!  The paper said this week that we will be running "with" some of the NASCAR drivers. I put "with" in quotes because they will be way ahead of us. I wouldn't know them by sight anyway. Here are my current totals:

Week: 17.2 miles
Month: 38.3 miles
Year: 106.3 miles! Yes!

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