Friday, September 17, 2010


We were so excited to visit another continent when we docked in Turkey for 4 hours. We quickly boarded a bus for our excursion, driving through beautiful mountain. We loved the clouds in this picture that masquraded as mountains!

Had a good laugh over this sign!

Our first stop was at the house of the Virgin Mary. Jonathan lit a prayer candle.
This is the house where the Virgin Mary lived out her last years. They do not know exactly where her remains are, but they suspect they are within a 5 mile radius of the home.
Like I said, it was a beautiful country.,

Our next stop was Ephesus, the town where Paul preached. His letters to the Ephesians were directed here. We started at the top of the hill/mountain, and weren't very impressed. Just a few remains here and there.

As we walked further down, we saw more and more of the town.

Then we rounded the corner and saw this sight! Wow. It's amazing how well-preserved it is! We were there early in the morning and it was very hot and crowded. Lots of detail still remains. It was a gorgeous town, that's for sure.

Alexander is sitting on one of the public toilets. No kidding. They had an advanced water system that flowed from the top of the city down the hill. The water flowed under these toilets and washed away what was deposited there. AND there were musicians that stood in the middle playing music for those who were sitting.

Jonathan is standing in front of the library, which was a gigantic building. What is left is still impressive.

The ampitheater, where St. Paul preached.

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