Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We now have a yard! And electric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On our way to Target, Jonathan and I took a look at all the work that was done today. I knew they were laying sod, but I did not realize the landscaping was here, too.
Of course, they left their trash. All of the workers leave their trash everywhere. It's disgusting.

Side view

I was very pleased to see that they laid sod a bit past our property line - this area was full of dirt, which I thought would run off. So they gave us a bit of extra sod.
Our backyard now looks like a backyard. Jonathan went and checked out the back porch.
Here they laid some extra sod, too, probably about 2-3 feet worth.

The air conditioners were RUNNING!!! Yea!

Yup, this house will be officially sold in a little more than a week.

I took this picture to show the electric is ON!!! Boy, are we excited and relieved. You can also see the carpet, which they installed today. Now that the electric is going, final inspections can commence. Yahoo!!

They had accidentally put carpet pad in the family room portion; today they removed it and it's waiting for flooring. Notice the LIGHT above the oven!

The doorbell is even hooked up and rings. Jonathan got a kick out of ringing it over and over. Good thing all the workers were gone.

Here it is - the meter box we were waiting for. Once our solar panels are on, it will be replaced with a different kind of box that runs backwards when we create electricity and forwards when we use it.

Yesterday, FPL ran a line from this box, which is across the street, under the street, and into our yard.

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