Saturday, August 15, 2009

In and settled.

We are all moved in the apartment. Everything is unpacked. The boys are playing on the playground set outside our window, and are making friends. We got our first mail delivery, and it wasn't a bill! We also finally went grocery shopping for the first time in about two weeks. It was a pleasure last night to cook! The boys made dessert this morning.

Mom is here. I asked her to come down to help watch the boys. On Monday teachers start school but the kids don't. She'll watch them all week and over the weekend, when Chris and I fly to PA for Tom's wedding. It will be a quick trip - Friday through Sunday - but we can't wait to see him get married.

The house continues chugging along. Driving by this morning, we saw that it is ready for the foundation to be poured. We've gotten a lot of rain lately, so hopefully they can get this done soon. Once the roof is on, the work takes place primarily inside and is not so dependent upon the weather. We shopped for appliances yesterday. Can't wait to have our state-of-the-art WD, fridge, etc!

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