Sunday, August 23, 2009

A busy two weeks

Ever since we returned from the cruise, we've kicked into high gear. First I needed to download all of the pictures and go through them. An enjoyable task, but a task nonetheless. We closed on our house - yea! - and moved into our 1000 sq foot apartment. I set up my classroom, mom came down to help watch the kids during teacher week, and we flew for a very quick trip to PA to see Tom and Eleni get married. Chris' parents flew to Europe, we shopped for school supplies for the kids, got Benjamin's schedule changed, and throughout all of this, watched our house slowly develop.

All of the pipes are in. The dirt has been pushed back on top of them, and the ground has been treated for termites.

It's just waiting for the slab to be poured.
On Thursday, while I was in school, I got a call from mom that the slab had been poured! How exciting!!! I'm not sure how long it has to sit, but soon we'll see walls coming up.

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GJ said...

Wow, it has to be seriously awesome to literally watch your house being built. Very cool.