Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A week without Daddy

Chris left for Nebraska yesterday at around noon. As of now, 9:30AM, he's still not in Omaha. He got into Atlanta early, then flew out late to Chicago. There was bad weather in Chicago, so after circling the airport for awhile, they landed in St. Louis to refuel. He eventually made it to Chicago, where he stayed overnight. Someone paid for the hotel, not sure if it was the airline or the travel agent. As I type, he should be on a plane toward Omaha.

Why is he there? He is going to the University of Nebraska to grade AP Economics test. This is about the fourth year he's done it. They grade all day, from 8-5, so he really earns his pay. At night, they hang out, go to movies, catch a baseball game, and drink. Lots of fun.

This is my last week of school, so I asked Dad to come down and help me out. He's making sure the house stays picked up (for potential buyers) and picking the boys up/running errands/etc. It's a lone week without Chris, but we'll definitely stay busy with the end of school. Then a week later we'll be off to Allentown for our annual summer trek.

Right now I am on a field trip. I took my class to an indoor playyard called "let's play." We're staying here all day, while they play and I catch up on all my computer work. They even have a treadmill for the adults to use. If only we could come here every day....l

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