Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, maybe not brainwashing, but...

We took the three boys to see Joe Biden tonight. He and his wife came to Embry-Riddle University here in Daytona. We got there around 5:30, with him set to appear at 7:15. There was a bit of grumbling coming from Benjamin. He figured seeing Obama last month covers it. But he cheered up once we got there and he got a sign and an American flag.

Joe Biden exceeded my expectations. I figured he would spend the whole time attacking McCain and Palin, but he didn't. To be sure, there were a few barbs. But he spent much of the time on a serious note, talking about the problems in our society and our economy, and what their ticket would do to help. It was vdery uplifting.

Alexander lost his voice a bit from yelling, and Jonathan spent much of the time with his hands over his ears. All in all, a fun family evening.

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Christine said...

Hurray for going to rallies and for involving your kids. Now, we just need to cross our fingers and wait!