Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New camera!

The pictures you see on yesterday and today's entries were taken with our new camera. Since we're about to leave for Europe, we thought we should have a camera that takes good pictures indoors and outdoors. We bought a Kodak, just like our other one, but with more features. This first pictures shows the panoramic feature. Cool, huh? I took this picture to show our back porch. We cleaned the gutters on it, and discovered hundreds and hundreds of....

...tadpoles! So, since we're a family of 3 boys, what did we do? We caught them, of course. And just to be extra nice, we caught some extras to take into school. Won't their teachers be thrilled???

We took these next pictures at Elke's house. Chris tried a panoramic shot of her cool car. This last picture of Alexander is taken with a 10x zoom! In the picture of Elke's car, you can see our van, which is where he was when Chris took the picture.

We also bought 3 - 2 gig memory cards. They each hold about 400 pictures or so. It will take us forever to sort through our pictures when we return, but that's part of the fun of traveling, isn't it???

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dancer said...

Hooray for the new camera! When in Europe, take notes on the pics you take...or at least what town/city you were in on what day. If your camera has a date stamp feature, it will help you to remember what's what after you get home. I've done this on all of my major trips, and it really made it easier when I was trying to label the pics after my return.