Friday, May 9, 2008

The Misfortune at Sweetwater's Graveyard, chapter 5

In honor of the school's "young author's conference" last night, I am posting the final chapter of Benjamin's story. I hope all of you have enjoyed it!

copyright by Benjamin 2008

Chapter 5
The Graveyard Again

11:00 PM
Ben and Kellie walked all over town looking for the pumpkin man. They finally found him in the alley. He was asleep. Kellie went into the street and waved Sonya over. Sonya and Kellie crept quietly up behind Ben. Sonya told them” When I get into the alley you need to run back to the graveyard. When you see me coming, hide!” Kellie and Ben silently left the alley. Sonya crept up behind the man and tapped his head. The pumpkin man jolted awake and jumped up. Ben and Kellie did not see anymore of this, as they were running to the graveyard.

Ben and Kellie were hiding in the bushes surrounding the graveyard. Sonya was tearing down the sidewalk, followed closely by the pumpkin man. She ran to the iron fence and wrenched open the gate. She raced toward the pumpkin man’s grave. He ran after her, reaching for her.

Sonya jumped onto the spot where the pumpkin man needed to stand. He almost bowled her over, but she dodged him at the last minute. His feet touched the ground, at that moment the church bell began to ring. It tolled twelve times. The ground began to shake. The pumpkin man’s form began to disappear. Clouds swirled around him and, once again the moon turned red. He let out a horrible scream and then he was gone. In his spot sat the huge pumpkin that had won the fair.

Sonya breathed a sigh of relief as Ben and Kellie jumped from the bushes, amazed. “We did it!” they exclaimed together.

Ben and Kellie picked up their pumpkin together. Kellie said “I am never coming in here again!” At the same time Ben said “Maybe we should think about putting this pumpkin in a very safe place!”

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