Thursday, April 17, 2008

Misfortune, Chapter 3

Copyright Benjamin Weinrich 2008

The third chapter in his story...enjoy!

Chapter 3
Sonya Birch

The pumpkin man had been wrong. There had been someone who was watching. Sonya Birch, the owner of Birch’s Grill, had been cleaning up after a successful day when she noticed a strange cloud hanging over the graveyard. Lights flashed. She blinked, and the clouds were still there. Sonya raced to the alarm pull. WHAM! She wrenched it down. Bells rang. Sirens flashed. Everyone panicked. Sonya smashed the door open. She ran toward her black minivan, opened the door jumped inside, and then turned the lights on. There, standing in the road was a HIDEOUS man.

8:11 PM
The man had been slipping into the back alley when an explosion of noise and light flashed around him. When he regained his equilibrium he saw it was just sirens, which were still going off. Then the pumpkin man cringed, looking away from the bright lights that came from the car parked in front of a restaurant.

Sonya jumped out of the van to see two police car, three fire trucks, and two ambulances tearing down the street.

Kellie and Ben sat at their kitchen table, playing Monopoly. They were bored though, and weren’t into it. Ben broke the silence. “Well we’ve been lucky so far so I guess we’re out of danger.” That’s when they heard the alarm. Ben and Kellie had jumped out of their seats. “Oh no!” they said in unison. Saying this, they ran toward the source of the racket.

One of the police pulled up right beside the man, and sprang out pointing out guns. “Freeze!” they yelled. Suddenly huge vines smashed out of the pavement. Sonya screamed. The vines tripped the officers, broke the windshields of the police car, flipped a fire truck, and crushed the ambulance. The orange man grinned horribly. Sonya grabbed a gun from one of the officer’s belts. She pointed it at where the man…had been. Sonya swiveled on the spot and saw the man sprinting down the alley. There was a crack and a bullet whizzed down the alley. But when it got close to the man it smashed into the ground.

Kellie and Ben raced toward an alleyway. Suddenly they heard the sound of squealing tires. They stopped and listened. “Freeze!” said a man’s voice.

Suddenly…CRUNCH! SMASH! WHAM! THUD! The two kids exchanged glances. They heard footsteps. The pair were about to enter the alley when they heard a gunshot. There was a small crunch and something barreled out of the alley. The two children collapsed into a heap. Ben was able to identify a gruesome man. There was a sound of foot steps, and another figure jumped out of the alley. The figure pulled out a gun and pointed it at the man. Kellie could see that is was a girl. As the girl distinguished Ben and Kellie she lowered her gun. Ben heard a groan and the man sat up. In a daze he looked around and moaned again in a flash the girl zipped over to the man and punched him in the face. The man slumped over, unconscious again. The girl spoke: “I have forgotten to introduce myself” She said “My name is Sonya Birch. I have no idea how I got myself into this mess but I am not your enemy” She gestured to the man lying on the ground “On the other hand this guy is your enemy” Then Kellie found her voice: “My name is Kellie.” She pointed to Ben. “This is Ben. We need to get moving before the man wakes up!” Sonya announced. “Follow me” she said. With that she walked out of the alley. Ben and Kellie looked at each other and followed Sonya.

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