Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Misfortune at Sweetwater's Graveyard, chapter 2

Here is the next installment of Benjamin's story.

Chapter 2
The Graveyard

The curse was working. Slowly the ground covering the body turned into mush then it slid away revealing dust. Then the dust lit up and floated into the air. The ground slid back in place and hardened. Then a strange metamorphosis took place. The clouds in the sky shot towards the grave stone. In the sky the moon turned red. Meanwhile the clouds obscured all vision of the colored dust. The moon slid in and out of focus. From inside the clouds red light flashed with a bang. Suddenly, waves giving off intense heat shot from the vapor. Had a human being in a 20 foot range of the rays they would have died instantly. Luckily, the only living creatures were a few ants, some crickets, and an unfortunate rabbit. None of these lived. Another side affect was the iron fence now had metal stalactites on it.

Then suddenly as they came, the clouds zipped back to their original positions. The moon changed into its normal color. The only strange thing was a man standing in front of the grave. Except… he wasn’t really a man. He had orange skin. Its pupils were triangles. His teeth looked suspiciously like…seeds.

Luckily no one witnessed the metamorphosis. Had anyone seen they would have panicked and raised the towns’ alarm. The moment the pumpkin man could see he looked around while preparing to duck. “Whew” He thought. “I thought someone would have seen me.” With that he strolled out of the graveyard.

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