Friday, February 4, 2011

Daytona Speedway 5K

Last weekend all of us ran the Daytona Speedway 5K. It started bright and early, at 7AM!! Yuck. And it was very cold. But it's one of our favorite races. Alexander, Chris, and I stuck together for much of the race. At about mile 2, Chris pulled ahead. Karen finished about a minute behind, Alexander 30 seconds behind that, and Benjamin a minute or so later. Good times for all of us! Jonathan logged his best time ever - Karen ran back to meet him and run the last half mile with him. He had run the first part of the race with Tammy, a friend from church. He left her behind about half way through.

There is also a 2 mile run, which Chris' dad did. Here is his finish time, taken by his camera. Before the race. As you can see, we were bundled up, which left us very cold at the end. Wet, sweaty clothes and windy 45 degree weather don't go well together!

We got 5 free tickets for the 24 hour race, which we gave to our neighbors. They took Alexander with them, while the rest of us stayed home and played our newest board game, Dominion.

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