Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter morning

After staying up until 2AM the night before (seeing Rent, and then watching the Duke game before it was old news), the boys were nice enough to wait until 8AM to hunt for eggs and baskets. We weren't quite as creative as usual hiding the baskets, but since it was a new house, everything seemed different anyway. Jonathan found his basket in Pop-Pop's closet.
Benjamin's was in the pantry, filled with Duct Tape (don't ask-but he wanted it!)
Eating candy that early in the morning, huh???

Jonathan loved every minute of it.

Alexander's was hiding in the air conditioner closet.
Here they are, showing off their baskets. Alexander has a mouthful of candy, too.We went outside to take pictures, and I snapped this one of our new hex sign. We bought it last summer before our house was built. One of the workers stopped by for a few issues, and was nice enough to hang it for us. We didn't even have a ladder that reached it.

Benjamin obviously had just stepped out of the shower. He got his haircut two days before.

Jonathan is looking awfully pleasant here, right after throwing a fit when I made him take off his sandals and put on his "church shoes." Yes, those shoes that he LOVED when he got them and even snuck them on his feet to school one day.

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