Monday, March 15, 2010

Europe bound!!!!!

Well, it's official. We're Europe-bound again this summer, leaving June 15th. This time, we'll be going with a group of 35 from Chris' high school (including 7 chaperones - yea!). We land in Rome and end in Athens, with a 4day Greek Isles cruise included. Now, until I looked at a map, I never realized how far Athens is from the rest of Europe. In fact, it's almost in Asia! One of our ports is, in fact, a Turkish isle, which means we'll have visited a new continent (sort of). Afterwards, we will put all the travelers on their airplane and fly the 5 of us to Berlin. We'll stay there for a few days and then head to our favorite place, Ottersberg. We can't wait to see our relatives again. We'll end in Amsterdam, flying home mid-July.

In honor of Germany, I've reposted some of our favorite Ottersberg pictures.Here are Chris and I, watching Germany play in the World Cup.

Alexander and Elias at a museum in Bremen, eating from the chocolate exhibit.
Jonathan riding Elias' training bike in Ottersberg

Alexander in front of one huge door in Bremen

And finally, Benjamin, getting crazy with candy at the World Cup party.

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