Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The hanging of the pictures...finally

Yesterday we finished hanging pictures in the downstairs. Our Christmas stockings are hanging on the stairs, waiting to be filled.
Fish tank, with two pics above it

We found a great place for our Weinrich chocolate picture - right by the back sliding glass door.

This is probably my favorite part of our house - I LOVE our new washer/dryer.

This is probably the boys' favorite part of our house, and our only true splurge. 52" plasma TV.

We opened one Christmas present early, at mom's suggestion. Aunt Denise and Uncle Bob bought us these three awesome pictures of the boys. They were taken on the cruise, while they were dressed up in western clothing.
Our family portrait, which we bought on our summer cruise, hangs in the dining room. It's big!

Living room, with my Florida Christmas tree by the window.

More living room

Dining room - including my angel curio cabinet and our portrait. This was Grandma's table, the one where she kept all of her plants in front of the window. We also have her embroidered chairs.

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