Sunday, May 3, 2009

No TV week

Well, I've had a week to digest the results of our screen-free week. We did well. I easily avoided TV, but had a harder time with the computer. I used it at work, and managed to only check email at home. Tempting, for sure. The boys did great - they stayed off of TV, computer, and Wii all week. Chris, too. So, what did we do/learn?

  • We played more board games with the kids. We do that a lot, anyway, but made some extra time during the week. Usually games are a weekend activity.
  • I read two books. Since I've been working, I have often said that I don't have time to read anymore. Well, when you don't spend 3 hours watching American Idol and Survivor (my only two TV vices), you have more time to read.
  • I did miss facebook. I like seeing what everyone else is up to. On the plus side, I didn't have any guilt from wasting time playing "bejeweled blitz," my favorite game.
  • We spent more time outdoors. Over the weekend, we ran a 5K and rode our bikes. On Sunday night, we went to the Daytona Cubs and had a great time.
  • I didn't find extra time to exercise on my own. I should have. But I didn't.
  • I could easily give up TV for long periods of time. Not so the computer. The only time I wanted to watch TV was when I finished Marley and Me and Twilight. I wanted to rent the movies. I just put them on reserve at the library and am waiting for them to come in.

We'll do this again in September. It's a bi-annual event. Join us for the week. By then, we may be moving into our new house, so we probably won't even miss the screens!

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