Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easter Pictures

Most of the country had a cool Easter, and Florida was no exception. To us, the 50 degree morning felt like Easter in the Northeast. We went to church in the morning (first picture) and then to the Weinrich's house for dinner. The Martin cousins Jack, Katy, and Joey (plus their parents Cindi and Tom) were here for the week. Here all the kids were ready for an egg hunt we had in their backyard. After a delicious dinner, we went to the grill for our annual "grilling of the peeps." Every year, we take those disgustingly sweet chicks and grill them just like marshmallows. Then we add chocolate and graham crackers and make s'mores! Peeps grill better than marshmallows - the sugar coating becomes hard, while the inside melts. Just delicious! It's our favorite Easter tradition.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this, Karen! It's a great way for those of us in the hinter lands to watch your beautiful boys grow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, great page. Looking forward to more posts. Christina